NORTH WEST INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISE was founded in La Coruña Spain in 1998. A Group of professionals from different sectors; financial, international traders, shipbuilding, shipbrokers, naval and civil engineering, public works, energy generation and food industry.

Due to the big expanding of the Industry in Spain a that time, we have found that many of the industries located on the Spanish North West are not prepared internally to export their quality products.

Then, NORHT WEST actively participated on their organization, helping then the creation of specific international markets for specific products, sales agreements, contracts, financing, getting aid from the European Union and Spanish organizations in order to establish new factories . We also participate in personal selection and introducing relationships between Companies with the Administration.

After a decade the experience has permitted us act as broker in sectors like; engine ship spares, ship broker, wind energy, thermo solar energy , air and gas treatment , exhaust gas catalyzes ,milk industry and derivatives , forestry sector , modular homes, tunnels construction for trains and others.

Our objective is to assist Companies that need to sale their products and to be their international broker on naval, industrial and food sector. You are welcome to contact us for service and we hope you don’t be disappointed.