On today world is incompressible to see peoples that live like others have live 2000 years ago.
A tremendous improve must be done by Governments in order to provide their peoples with a place to live. That is our  objective
Money is the main problem, and to help then with possible solutions modular homes are one possibility to resolve the problem. The main idea is to present a solution with a fix cost and with the supply of all necessary components to built up the house. No matter where the house is going to be implemented.
The normal external factor always required on standard homes to built up is not considered. For example, electricity, concrete, water, foundation. In our case we only required human power. Three persons are sufficient to assembly the house components just simply following the instruction manual. We can predict that one home will be built in a week
Do to the very low home cost, is possible to find the necessary help from the Governments to obtain the necessary credits to build the house.
Very soon not only single homes we will be built with our philosophy, regular building blocks will use the method for fast building with very significant cost reduction