North West are close working with engineering groups involved in the design of several new factories located in Spain or abroad. Is very common to have air, gas, or steam  present on the different  process and is always necessary do make a first class filtration in order to remove solid particles and free droplets of liquids on the stream.
There are a very wide range of possibilities to sell the products, not only with the Design Groups also with the pressure vessels manufactures.
Regarding gas emission, we are very active in cogeneration plants where our equipment help reducing the contamination levels of exhaust-gas components ( NOx nitrogen oxides, CO carbon monoxide , and VOC hydrocarbons) bellow the required limit values
These components are environmentally hazardous and partly responsible for hazardous smog and acid rain
Very important customers are in our list like : Wartsila, SGL Carbon, MTU , MAN and others.