We have entered on sales of food products pressed for both sides. De food demand in Counties located close to Spain in North Africa, and Spanish producers interested on the markets. For the moment we are involve on cow meat and milk. Regarding cow, we have study the possibility to transport live animals from the central market in Spain to the final Country. That includes all the necessary logistic to avoid animals’ stress, legs damages and deaths. All sanitary certificates to export the animals and organization of the documents and permissions on the cattle buyer Country is part of the deal.

On other Counties where live animals are not required we have the possibility to export frozen meet on refrigerated containers. Same as before al required sanitary certificates is part of our works

Year after year rains on North Africa Countries are very less, and there is not sufficient grass to feed animals. The import of fodder is economically not possible do to very high transport cost for a product with very big volume’s. Conclusion, there are not sufficient animals on the Country capable to produce the demanded daily milk.

We provide milk on brick, but also are possible to sale on powder form. All milk derivates are available, like cheese, butter, yogurt, cream etc.