Our Company was uncharged to do the world marketing of a prefabricated home complete made is steel sandwich modules.

Two modules are commercialize, the one with 57m2 and the one with 90m2.The markets we are looking is for not developed counties where peoples are living in poor conditions. Also a interested market is for temporary houses concentration due a new mining resources or new large public works developed in a area.

The philosophy of the house is for to be assembly by not trained personnel using a simple assembly manual. Al components to build up the house are supply on the set, not external components are required. The house is all screwed and galvanize, not need any welding spots. The external is cover with a plastic film thermally fix to the metal.

On general we can say that tree persons can build up a house in a week. As complementary items to the house we can provide all the furniture and Electric solar panels in order to be self sufficient in case there are problems on the area with the electrical supply. The complement of the system are a set of batteries that during the day are on charging process and during night or not sunny day discharge to provide 1.5kW.

Houses are supply in 40´containers that carry three complete sets in one.