Spain at present is the most developed Country on these new technologies. In Morocco is under construction one Thermo solar plant of 160MW that is the world bigger. Same happen in the USA, and in both cases Spanish Groups are involve on the complete project. We like to participate on that, and we offer you the possibility to supply thermo solar standard modules of 50 MW.

Same as on wind power is necessary to carefully study the area, and take account of the year number of radiation hours and the infrared values. After the studies that take some months, we can predict the efficiency of the plant before their erection. In some world areas these type of electric energy is very useful because the plant amortization goes very fast. Also is very important to mention the very low maintenance cost and damages.

If your Company is located in area where sun is present every day and you have sufficient ground around, thermo solar energy can be the best solution for electricity production.