The Spanish National Institute for Agriculture and Food Research and Technology (INIA) is one of the autonomous research organizations of the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN) in Spain. The INIA staff comprises around 900 people with approximately 180 scientists. One important part of the work carried out at the INIA consists in the scientific support to the activities of different ministries (Environment, Health, Agriculture). The INIA is involved in 23 EU projects, 125 national projects financed by ministries and 40 more projects financed by a variety of organizations. The budget obtained yearly exclusively for research purposes exceeds the 10 M€. The INIA headquarters provide almost any technical facility required for biological research with the advantage of a rapid communication with all the Research Institutes located at the Spanish capital. The INIA manages certain research programs from different Ministries.
The INIA provide all information relative to the agriculture resources in Spain in order to introduce food producers of the different products