On today’s world distances don´t exist, in 24 hours we can go around the globe. The important is the close physic presence from service to the user, anywhere on the world.
 If we have a car accident we like to have a telephone contact service in permanence to take care of the demand, in order to resolve the problem as soon as possible. We don’t care if the insurance headquarters are located in Switzerland; the important is the local service in the other Country.
 If the local service does not act fast and professionally the predicted future of the insurance Company will be short.
With that idea was create NORHT WEST INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISE. A modern Company with contact and services in most countries that helps the introduction of products where manufactures has difficulties to find the way to enter with a profitable success.
Our situation in Europe allowed us also to find products and contacts for Companies located outside the European Union interested to by or sale their products in Europe . Same happen with Companies interested to establish a branch in Europe.
Every day we are learning something new, that allowed us to improve our services with new products and markets that enlarge our horizon’s, and our customer horizon’s.
Contact us with your specific demand, we hope don’t disappoint you